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Asbestos News

Demolition of school with asbestos to come in under budget
Demolition of school with asbestos to come in under budget
The demolition of a Massachusetts high school is likely to be completed under budget, despite the discovery of a higher-than-expected amount of asbestos.

The state is spending $197.5 million to build Newton North High School, with $7.6 million of that going to the demolition of the old school, according to the Boston Globe. The budget had to be altered once asbestos and other dangerous materials were discovered.

"There was originally a $4 million allowance in the budget for the entire project to be spent on demolishing the old building," alderman Sydra Schnipper told the news source. "That was made before we realized the amount of hazardous material still in the building."

Tests revealed that the 37-year-old building contained asbestos, lead, mercury and PCBs, which caused the allowance for the demolition to be upped to $10 million. However, Costello Dismantling won the project with a $7.6 million bid.

"We did extensive background checks and satisfied ourselves that Costello was the right company for the job," Schnipper said. "And they still bid nearly $1 million under the next lowest bid."

Ensuring that as little asbestos as possible escapes during demolition is essential, as inhalation of the deadly mineral can cause malignant mesothelioma and asbestosis.ADNFCR-3360-ID-19839473-ADNFCR

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