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Mesothelioma Legislation

Australian asbestos groups upset over partial sale of CSR
A number of asbestos groups in Australia are protesting the government's approval of the sale of CSR Ltd.'s sugar assets to a Singapore firm.

CSR, which also mined asbestos and produced asbestos products for many years, is the subject of a large number of asbestos compensation claims. The proposed sale has sparked fears among some that it will become difficult for asbestos victims to gain compensation, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Federal treasurer Wayne Swan recently approved the sale of CSR's sugar assets, known as Sucrogen, to Singapore-based Wilmar. Swan said he had secured commitments from CSR to pay asbestos compensation and to conduct research into the extent of such claims.

However, for the Asbestos Diseases Foundation's Barry Robson these promises aren't enough. Robson said his group would protest the sale until a concrete compensation plan is put in place.

"We're prepared to start demonstrating against the government and the treasurer to get our point across that this sale cannot go ahead unless there is an absolute watertight guarantee that x amount of dollars from this sale is put into a bank account on behalf of victims," he told the news source.

Asbestos-related diseases include malignant mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

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