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Our Editors & Writers

Steven Kazan

Since filing his first asbestos case in 1974 Steven has represented thousands of asbestos victims in court and in bankruptcy trust reorganizations, and has testified in Court and before Congress on asbestos litigation and legislation. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of asbestos victims in the US and throughout the world.
skazan@kazanlaw.com 510-302-1000

James Oberman

Jim is certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as a specialist in appellate law. For many years he has focused his practice handling appeals and trial court motions for asbestos victims, and has handled many of California's most important appellate court battles for asbestos victims' rights.
joberman@kazanlaw.com 510-302-1000

Frances Schreiberg

Fran is a lifelong active union member focusing on workers' rights since the mid 70s, including workplace safety and occupational health rights legislation and policy. She handles the firm's very active union and public health pro bono practice, was a founding member of Worksafe!, a California coalition for worker health and safety, and remains on board as a volunteer coordinator for Worksafe!
fschreiberg@kazanlaw.com 510-302-1000

Dianna Lyons

Dianna heads the Firms' Law and Motion and Appellate Departments. She has worked as an organizer and an attorney on the behalf of workers in California and elsewhere, and has handled dozens of cases and hundreds of appeals representing César Chavez' United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO and others.
dlyons@kazanlaw.com 510-302-1000